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12V Rechargeable Battery Powered Portable 17L Water Pressure AirCon/Car Cleaner

12V Rechargeable Battery Powered Portable 17L Water Pressure AirCon/Car Cleaner


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12V Rechargeable Battery Powered Portable 17L Water Pressure AirCon/Car Cleaner


1. Energy saving-Save water, electricity, and time, Environmental friendly
2. Portable-Use whenever, wherever, Portable, Durable, Safe, Splash proof
3. Multifunctional- For your car, air-con, camping, pet, garden, BBQ, and so on
4. Easy operation and safety in use
5. Small and light
6. Low water consumption & High water pressure


1. Made of pure material (PP) having durable construction.

2. Store fresh water in a 17L (4 gallons) water tank.

3. Removable water tank.

4. Cordless power supply from the rechargeable battery.

5. Shoulder strap and wheels for easy carrying.

6. Water flow which mode is up to 10,000 times/min high-frequency vibration.

7. Mesh accessories pocket.

8. Easy in operation and safe in use.

9. Uses it anywhere, any time, no power or water connections are required. Perfect for camping, boating, fishing, and doing all the ideal cleaning. 

10. Adjustable spray from water jet to fine mist.

11. Water pressure is from 3 to 9 bar

Note: This product is easily compatible with a car cigarette lighter port or any other adaptor. 

What's in a box?

1. Hose: PVC, Black, 6 meter

2. Spray gun: Adjustable Nozzle head 

3. Flat/shower head 

4. Brush head

5. Water tank (orange): 17L
    Base (grey): 
3 meter Car Cigarette Lighter charger 

6. Oring
Charger: 100-240V Black Power Cord 

8. Shoulder strap

9. Manual

How to Operate

Battery mode
1.Charge the A/C cleaner for 6-8 hours using a charger.
2.Once fully charged, turn the A/C cleaner switch to 'I', and the   
device is ready to use.

Car Cigarette Port mode
1. Use a Car Cigarette Lighter Charger and your OWN adapter to 
connect the A/C cleaner to the wall.
2. Ensure that the car cigarette lighter and adapter are securely
3. Wait until the indicator light is completely on before turning the A/C 
cleaner switch to 'II' to start the device.




Our Company will warrant the product for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Wide Application -- Perfect For Outdoor & Housework Cleaning:  Bathroom, Sinks, Pets, Garden, Air-Con Cleaning, Car Washing, Watering Flowers In A Small Garden,  Bicycles Cleaning, Pet Washing, And Other Outdoor Events As Well: Camping, Boating, Fishing, Hunting... 


Pressure(PSI)  3Bar to 9Bar (43.5 to 130.5psi)
The life span for Motor Pump  over 500 hours
Power  60W
Voltage  12V
Accessories   Hose, Power Cord, Spray Gun, Battery, Charger, shoulder strap
Power Cord  3.0 meter, black
Hose  6.0meter, black, PVC
Spray gun parts  Nozzle head, Showerhead, Brush head
Optional parts  Adaptor(12V,6A), ICAN Torch Power Supply
Mode of water flow  High-frequency vibration
Certification  CE & RoHS,ISO9001:2000,Patent
Flow rate  2.2L/min 
Range of the water spray   23ft to 26ft
Size of color box  355*230*530mm
N.W.  7.8KG
G.W.  8.0KG



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