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Midea Group is the world’s leading technologies group in consumer appliances, HVAC systems, robotics and industrial automation systems, and smart supply chain (logistics). Midea offers diversified products, comprising of consumer electrical appliances (kitchen appliancescooktopscooking ovens and various small home appliances), HVAC (residential air-conditioning, commercial air-conditioning, heating & ventilation). Midea is committed to improving lives by adhering to the principle of “Creating Value for Customers”. Midea focuses on continuous technological innovation to improve products and services, and to make life comfortable and pleasant.

Midea’s brand promise is “to provide surprisingly-friendly solutions for the one who treasure those tiny moments at home”. and recently launched its new motto: “Midea – make yourself at home”.


Do you need the latest cooling solutions for your house? Star Sparky is your one-stop shop for the latest in Midea air conditioners, Midea portable air conditioners, Midea fans and more. We’ll keep you air cool all summer long and also offer sales, installation, service and repair of air conditioners.

At Star Sparky, we also offer hassle-free installation, service and repair across our range of Midea air conditioners, for your convenience. Depending on your room size or house’s dimensions, you can choose from 2.5 kw, 3.5 kw, 5.0 kw, 7.0 kw, 8.0 kw or 9.0 kw Midea air conditioner models to meet your needs.

Our Midea Apollo range also comes with a smart wi-fi kit included for the ultimate flexibility and freedom – also available as an optional add-on for the Aurora range. You can remotely control your house’s cooling via wi-fi while you’re out and about by installing the “Midea Air” app. Plus, the Midea split air conditioner units can also be operated to respond to voice commands – simply link your Midea air conditioner with your Amazon Echo or Google Home smart system for easy voice control.

All Midea air conditioners also come with a self-cleaning and anti-mould function, ensuring that you can maximise the life span of your unit. The self-cleaning functionality can be completed in just 16 minutes, helping to dry out the moisture collected in the pipes and equipment.

With guaranteed 5 years manufacturer’s warranty* on all Midea air conditioning units, you can enjoy total peace of mind when shopping for Midea air conditioners online at Star Sparky.

*Extended 1 year warranty on top of standard 5 years warranty for R410


Midea products are multi-award winning for their innovation with design and performance. The Midea cooktop range has solutions to suit every kitchen application, you can choose from ceramic cooktops, induction cooktops, electric cooktops and gas cooktops, to suit your needs. With a huge range of styles, sizes and models on offer, the Midea stove top range is sure to exceed your expectations.

With guaranteed 3 years’ manufacturer warranty on all Midea gas cooktops and 1 year warranty on electric ceramic and induction cooktops, you can enjoy complete peace of mind when purchasing from the Midea cooking range.

For easy heat modification, precise control energy efficiency, the Midea gas cooktop range is what you’re after. Featuring a stainless steel hob with knobs and touch controls for ultimate flexibility, the Midea gas stove tops are generally more affordable if you’re on a tighter budget.

Cheaper to install than their gas counterparts, Midea electric stove tops have no safety risk of gas leaks and open flames. Featuring a chic black ceramic surface, the Midea electric cooktops are stylish and offer hassle-free cleaning.

At Star Sparky, we pride ourselves in delivering top quality products Australia-wide, paired with expert technical advice and after-service care.


As the leading appliances and electrical supplies wholesaler in Australia, Star Sparky is your trusted destination for the latest collection of Midea kitchen appliances. From Midea rangehoods to Midea dishwashers and Midea cooktopsour cooking range is the must-have for any commercial or residential kitchen renovation.

Having won multiple design awards, the Midea kitchen appliances range boasts contemporary aesthetics coupled with innovative features, all at an affordable price to suit any budget. Important for keeping your cooking area smoke-free and reducing lingering odours, Midea rangehoods are an essential addition to any kitchen space.

Providing better ventilation while removing fumes and bad odours when you’re whipping up a storm, a Midea rangehood will also be a life-saver for your kitchen cabinetry and walls in the long run. There’s a wide array of options to choose from including Midea slide out rangehoods, Midea canopy rangehoods, Midea pyramid rangehoods and Midea side suction rangehood with 110°C high pressure self-steam wash.

Complete with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty, enjoy fast Australia-wide delivery when you shop the latest Midea rangehoods online at Star Sparky.


Are you renovating your kitchen or looking to replace your outdated cooking appliances? Look no further than the range of Midea kitchen appliances available at Star SparkyFrom Midea rangehoods to ovens, we’ve got everything you need for a modern and high-performing kitchen space. With multiple design awards, the Midea cooking range is sure to exceed your expectations.

The Midea built-in ovens offer a huge range of functionalities and the ultimate versatility, helping you create a streamlined look for your new age kitchen. Offering flexibility and easy access, the Midea built-in oven range can be fitted at any height, perfect for if you don’t want excessive bending or squatting during use.

With guaranteed 3 years’ manufacturer warranty* on all Midea built-in ovens, you can rest assured that they are designed to last.

*2 years warranty for models MMWB125B/ MMWB125SS/ MWDSS/ MWDBL


Offering sleek lines, impeccable performance and innovative features, the Midea appliances range at Star Sparky is sure to meet your expectations. Keep your sink clear and your dishes sparkling clean with the collection of Midea dishwashers. Choose from a huge array of sizes, designs and models to suit your requirements, including Midea countertop dishwasher, Midea built-in dishwashers, Midea freestanding dishwashers and Midea double drawer dishwasher – there’s one for every kitchen. Alternatively, you can also go for the Midea Mini Dishwasher if you want a compact and portable option to sit on your countertop.

Want ergonomic features and easy access? The Midea double drawer dishwasher eliminates any need for bending down or awkward lifting. Plus, there’s two drawers to choose from, you can separate your glasses from the heavy duty dishware or, you can wash one drawer while filling the second drawer.

With guaranteed 3 years’ manufacturer warranty on Midea freestanding and integrated dishwashers*, you can enjoy complete peace of mind when shopping online or in store at Star Sparky.

*10 years motor guarantee for MDWF2SS/ MDWDDSS.


As the trusted destination for leading appliances and electrical supplies at wholesale prices, Star Sparky offers a huge range of Midea kitchen appliancesFrom Midea rangehoods to Midea dishwashersincluding the Midea mini dishwasher, our kitchen range is the perfect complement to your next kitchen project.

With sleek aesthetics and the latest innovative functionalities, the Midea range of award-winning kitchen appliances is sure to meet your expectations. Available in 5 models and designs, the Midea mini dishwasher is the perfect answer to your portable dishwasher needs. Say goodbye to dirty dishes and boring chores, say hello to more spare time.

The freestanding Midea benchtop mini dishwasher features top-of-the-line condensation drying technology with 72 hours of anti-bacterial storage, steam wash function and quick drying system. Boasting a rapid 29 minute wash cycle with 360 degree stereo cleaning, you can wash kitchen utensils, glasses and accessories with convenience and ease.

Coming with 3 year manufacturers’ warranty, you can shop the latest collection of Midea benchtop mini dishwashers online at Star Sparky and enjoy fast Australia-wide delivery.


As Australia’s leading appliances and electrical wholesaler, Star Sparky is your trusted destination for the latest range of Midea kitchen appliancesFrom Midea rangehoods to Midea dishwashers and Midea microwaves, our cooking range is the perfect addition for your next commercial or residential kitchen project.

With modern aesthetics and innovative capabilities, the Midea range of kitchen appliances is multi-award winning and is sure to add an excellent touch to your kitchen space. Re-heat last night’s leftovers, whip up an easy meal or defrost frozen food in minutes with Midea conventional and convection microwaves. Available in a range of sizes including 20l, 25l or 34l, the Midea microwaves boast a timeless stainless steel exterior to suit any kitchen.

The Midea microwave oven is a combination of a microwave and convection oven. Offering digital controls, 10 power levels and 6 auto cooking menus, the heating element and fan circulates the air around the food faster for more even cooking. Enjoy whipping up a variety of dishes with the Midea convection microwave’s all-in-one features, including oven baking, browning, crisping and broiling functionalities.


Available at affordable prices with multiple options to choose from, the Midea small appliances range includes everything you need, including the Midea Cookers, Midea Air Dryers, Midea Induction Cooktops, Midea Electric Kettles, Midea Vacuum Cleaners, Midea Water Purifiers and more! Make your next cooking venture a breeze and enjoy the art of everyday cooking with our range of benchtop cooking appliances.

Enjoy fast and simple frying with the healthier alternative – the Midea air fryer. You can whip up anything from moist cakes to crispy fries, roast dinners and more in the Midea air fryer. Multi-functional with air frying, roasting, baking and grilling features, the frying basket also comes with a separator so you can cook different items all at once.

For easy cooking while you’re out and about, consider the Midea multi cooker or the Midea pressure cooker. The Midea multi cooker is perfect for those that want a bit of everything, combining several features into one. From slow cooking to steaming, frying and more, the multi cooker is great for those tight on kitchen space. On the other hand, the Midea pressure cooker can help you prepare meals in a flash, great for soups, pastas, curries, stews and lots more.

Complete with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, Star Sparky offers Australia-wide delivery across the Midea small appliances range.


Watch the savings appear out of thin air when you purchase the Midea heat pump water heater. Utilising renewable energy to heat the water, this innovative hot water system uses up to 60% less energy than conventional water heaters – slashing your energy bills in the long run!

The Midea 170l heat pump’s capacity is ideal for smaller households, with ideally 2 to 3 persons per household. If you live in a hotter climate, this unit can provide hot water for up to 4 persons.

The larger of the two, the Midea 280l heat pump, is perfect for larger families, providing constant access to hot water for up 6 people.

There is 3 to 5 years of manufacturer’s warranties across the range of Midea heat pumps. Shop the Midea hot water heat pump online at Star Sparky for Australia-wide delivery.

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