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Midea Xtreme Save Split Air Conditioner 7.0 kW- Star Sparky
Midea Xtreme Save Split Air Conditioner 7.0 kW- Star Sparky
Midea Xtreme Save Split Air Conditioner 7.0 kW- Star Sparky
Midea Xtreme Save Split Air Conditioner 7.0 kW- Star Sparky
Midea Xtreme Save Split Air Conditioner 7.0 kW- Star Sparky
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Midea Xtreme Save Split Air Conditioner 7.0 kW

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Midea Xtreme Save Split Air Conditioner 7.0 kW

The new XtremeSave series uses as little as 2.2 kWh per night, the High-Efficiency Fan Blades and Air Ducts deliver the same airflow in with 30 percent less power thanks to the new design. The Smart SavE Precise-control algorithm enables the Chip to do more precise signal receiving, accurate data processing, anticipating and prompt instructions sending to the compressor. Coming in reverse cycle models, the XtremeSave series are best suited from small to large spaces.

Frequency conversion energy saving

Midea inverter air conditioners offer three operating power option: 50%, 75%, and 100%. You can choose a lower power level to conserve energy.

High- frequency Racer Tech

Like a raing roadster, this tech enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in split of the moment (57Hz within 6s) upon star up, providing you powerful cooling once the air conditioner is on.

Low noise operation 

Operates at a sound low as 24.4dBA to ensure your sleep is not disturbed. (Sound of breathing at 1m distance is 25dBA)

iECO operation

Just touch the iECO button to activate the mode. AC can keep cool over 8-hour night period with as low as 2.2 kWh energy consumption, saving 60%.

Strong and sturdy

Midea super sturdy casing and refined outdoor unit design protect against invasions from foreign elements such as salt, acid, sand, oil stain and water damage, keep your AC unit in tip-top shape on matter the environment.

Golden Fin

Golden Fin is more resistant to oxidation & corrosion than ordinary fins for condensers to furnish a steadier and long-lasting working environment. It can efficiently prevent bacteria form breeding and spreading, and withstand corrosive elements.

Double sided polymer hydrophilic layer, easy to clean dust.

In the face of acid and alkali environment, the service life is stronger, so that the air conditioner can still operate efficiently in the harsh environment.

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The remote control has a temperature sensor built-in to sense its surrounding temperatures. The unit can adjust the room temperature more accurately and provide more tailored comfort cooling.

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  • Smart Save Mode
  • Precise-Control Algorithm
  • Hign-efficiency Fan Blade and Ducts
  • Gearshift power option:50%,75%, and 100%
  • 3D Airflow – horizontally and vertically
  • Flash Cooling
  • Thermostatic Technology, keeping you steadily cool within 0.5 degree
  • Dual filtration – High density pre filter + Micro protection filter
  • App-based remote control
  • Application Area: 32~47㎡


Energy Rating

  • Cooling: 4.0 Star
  • Heating: 3.0 Star

Product Dimensions
  • Indoor Unit (mm): 1083x244x330mm
  • Outdoor Unit (mm): 890x342x673mm
Net Weight
  • Indoor Unit: 13.3 kg
  • Outdoor Unit: 43.3 kg
Actual dimensions may vary due to the package*

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